Frequently Asked Questions

While you can add as many devices and accessories into the cart, but for phone plans, you can only add 1 item per order even with the same carrier, if you already did add 1 to the cart, you need to remove it from the cart first then choose a different plan.

If you want to purchase different plans for members of the household, you will need to make separate orders.


Definately! with Bring Your Own Phone(BYOP) program you can easily bring nearly all unlocked 4G VoLTE or 5G compatible GSM phone to get a service activated.

If you already have a compatible phone, all you need to do is to order a SIM kit from us. 

Most of phones now supports 4G VoLTE and or 5G.

If you're not sure whether your phone will work with a specific carrier, you may visit to find some positive answers. Once there, enter your phone's brand and model, U.S. for country and, under "Carriers," choose the carrier you wish to join then click Search. (This, however, does not guarantee if the device is unlocked or that the phone will work with carrier's services).

If your phone is locked, your option is limited. A Locked Phone with one network provider won't accept the SIM card of some other network provider.

In some cases, for example, you can use Cricket Wireless on locked AT&T phone because Cricket is on ATT network, or use Ultra Mobile with locked T-Mobile phone because Ultra Mobile is on T-Mobile network, but it's not guarantee and you are taking the risks on your own. 

It is always advisable to get your phone unlocked and enjoy all the services and freedom of choices.

Prepaid phone plans are paid upfront before you use the service while traditional postpaid plan bill you at the end of the month.  When comparing prepaid plans to postpaid plans, prepaid plans can be cheaper over time also don't normally require any credit checks.

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