No Fax Machine At Home? We Can Help!

Connex Express provides fax service to businesses and residents of Milford, CT along with our packing, shipping, document printing, mailbox rentals and other services. We use the latest high-speed, quality fax equipment to ensure your faxes arrive quickly and crisply.

What if you don't own a fax machine in the first place and need to get those documents to their destination now? Connex Express is ready for speedy sending of your papers for instant delivery.

Our faxing service is convenient, instant delivery for:
Incoming and outgoing local fax
Incoming and outgoing domestic long distance fax
Incoming and outgoing international fax
...and more

Have A Question About Our Fax Service?

Questions about Fax Service at Connex Express? Call us at 203.951.9588 or click the button below to send us a message.

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